Thank you for a Fantastic Five Year Saga…
20 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Walk down memory lane with Producer Ben Irving’s five-year anniversary blog, plus the reveal of the #SWTOR5 Character Portrait collage!

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: Official Accolades Trailer
20 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Don’t miss out on the critically-acclaimed new Expansion! Play Chapter 1 free today, recruit a friend for bonus rewards, or go premium and unlock the full experience.

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Celebrating #SWTOR5
13 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Check out exciting new 5-year anniversary rewards, including your own Celebration Jawa, Senya Holostatue and more!

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: Now Live!
02 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
How far will you go to seize the throne and rule the galaxy?

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Knights of the Eternal Throne: ‘Taking Command’ Trailer
02 Dec, 2016 | swtor.com
Get ready to rule the galaxy with Galactic Command! Fast-paced, explosive Uprising battles, shifting wars between the dark and light side, and more!

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For millenniums the leaders of the Republic protected by Jedi have enjoyed unprecedented power turning the Galaxy into their own gold-mine and the millions of once free systems into donors of few Core Words.

They and those self-appointed "Guardians of Peace" would stop at nothing to protect their power and wealth, spreading corruption and stagnation throughout the Galaxy like contagious disease.

There's only one way to stop them - the Galactic Senate must be dissolved, its members prosecuted for the high treason, and every single last of the Jedi executed.

Only then the Galaxy shall be free again.


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